This is my baby Charlie. He keeps me company, keeps me moving, and is a little pain in the butt. I thought I’d introduce him to the world,  even though I doubt I’ll have many,  if any followers. 

I got Charlie from a backyard breeder when he was ten weeks old. He was the last puppy to go. He had no contact with his father (who was injured just after he was born and had to be kept calm in his crate) and was taken from his mother as soon as he was weaned. The owners also didn’t want to get attached,  so he had almost no human contact. 

When we walked into the blocked off room he was in, he crawled away from us on his belly, into a crate full of blankets. There was poop on the floor and he was obviously not even in the beginning stages of potty training. He was terrified and his tail was between his legs. It was apparent that something was very wrong. 

Charlie has suffered the consequences of his breeder’s cruelty since we got him over a year and a half ago. He barks at every sounds,  hates everyone but family, and has severe separation anxiety. We can’t crate train him because he tries so hard to escape. He’s cut up his nose and chipped teeth trying to get out. He still isn’t 100% potty trained. 

And I wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s a furry little angel and he’s as messed up as me. I love him.