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My friend is 31 weeks pregnant. She is in contact with CAS and they have asked to meet with friends and family to get a better understanding of her situation. I have been asked to attend. I am horribly torn and disgusted that they would employ such destructive tactics to get what they want. 

Let’s be clear, I think my friend would make a terrible parent. Suffering from many psychological and physical illnesses she is unfit to be labelled as an adult, let alone a mother. This does not mean that I do not love her dearly or care for her very much. She is my best friend, and while she has many faults, I do too, and we look past them. 

I worry for both her safety and that of her child. And for that reason I will tell CAS the truth. It may ruin our friendship, and it will devastate me,  and her,  if she finds out. But I grew up in a neglectful,  disgustingly dirty household and I always wished someone would have saved me. I will save this child the suffering I went through. 

This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. It may break my heart. But I will do what is right,  and if that makes me a bad person or friend then so be it.