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I can finally be added to the long list of wheelchair users who have run through doggy doodoo! Coming out of my apartment building and right into a small pile of rather soupy poopy. Needless to say I have never hated irresponsible dog owners as much as I did right then.

I have always been annoyed by people who think snow is an excuse to neglect stooping and scooping, but oh holy cow i was mad. Cursing and screaming unholy retribution on all the lazy people in my building, and silently loving my dog for being scared to poop outside. (He poops on puppy pads even though he’s two years old) 

Totally wishing I could put up large annoying signs on my windows, seeing as my apartment is the one right beside the side entrance where I ran through the doodoo. Just get some poster board in neon colours and threaten sweet poppy justice for all who ignore our building’s “stoop and scoop” policy.

I will literally sit in my bedroom and stare out the window, every time someone doesn’t pick up the poop I’ll bang on the window and waggle my finger threateningly.