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I have always been fond of walking. Taking long walks to de-stress, walking to enjoy the day, moving quickly around obstacles (such as people moving too slow while texting *rageface*) and just generally being able to get from point a to point b. That’s why I’m finding accepting my wheelchair so difficult. HOWEVER! I have started doing laundry in my chair! 

Laundry a la chaise is so much easier. No more trying to force my foot to do stairs, no more stumbling around like a drunk trying to maneuver a huge basket of laundry, no more putting it off because of the debilitating fear of more pain. I will admit that there are some less then wheelchair friendly machines in my building, being crammed into a corner makes them slightly more difficult to reach the card reader, but most of them are easy enough to reach. I just hang a Walmart bag on the back of my chair and fill it up, zip down to the basement to do a load, and zip back up between the washing and drying. So efficient… So pain free… So awesome!

I also have been dabbling in teaching my dog to walk with the chair. It’s very difficult because of the all the salt being put down, it burns his feet really bad. But on days far from snowfall I can bring him out in the chair and he acts like a tiny sled dog! He loves to run, he is a dachshund after all, but when im walking I can’t keep up. So in the chair he just hunkers down and puuulllllls! I’ve gotten quite a few funny looks from the maintenance guys in my building, they see me most often when they are vacuuming, and Charlie goes ballistic at them until I pick him up and toe push past them. They just laugh and accept my apologies. (Have I mentioned I love my building?) 

Using the chair in the house is a difficult step I’m working towards. It’s slow going, but I’m hoping I can suck it up and do as I’ve been told by my doctors soon. Think positive! That’s the key! I love my wheelchair, I just don’t love that all my food and dishes are located in cupboards far above my head! Oh well, I can  stand, and for that I count myself very lucky.