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I’m young, I’m depressed, and I’m disabled. Why am I depressed, you may ask? Well other than being some level of depressed since I was ten, I’ve come to the realization that I look awful in my wheelchair. 

I’ve never been very vain, I dressed in baggy, oversized clothing until I was eighteen. Wore Salvation Army treasures until they couldn’t be worn any longer, and never really  conformed to a style of clothing. But since I now go out in a permanently seated position, I find myself wishing I had a better wardrobe.

My wardrobe currently consists of maybe four decent shirts, a couple tank tops so old the straps are coming unstitched, a single dress and many crappy shoulder covers to avoid sunburns. My pants are even worse. Three pairs of baggy jeans, five pairs of ancient sport shorts and a bunch of bell bottomed yoga pants. I also have one of those silly one pieces, the shirt with pants attached. I have no idea what they are called, but its very comfy so I begged for it as a birthday present a couple years ago. And the sweaters, dear lordy, some are so old I’m surprised they haven’t turned to dust.

Because I have CRPS in my foot, ankle, and now my entire calf, my choice of pants are limited. I can’t wear anything with a tightly closed ankle, so skinny jeans are out. Trying to wedge my foot through a pair of skinny jeans is not fun. Stupid thing is stuck at about eighty degrees and won’t flex down. I also can’t wear baggy tops, they interfere with my wheeling. 

So it seems I am limited to tight shirts that show off my bodacious muffin top, and giant flowing pants that pool at my ankles! Sounds awesome! Maybe I can pick up some long skirts or dresses, show off the muffin top and hide my shrinking right leg! At least a dress would stop the entire world from being blessed by my bum when my too large pants decide to slide down. Sexy right? I am the epitome of frumpy homebody forced into the outside world. I should go to Walmart more often, I’d fit right in!

At least I can go shopping with a friend when my taxes come in. Go buy some hippy pants and more tank tops to replace my decaying ones. Maybe pick up a new pair of sneakers while I’m at it. Does the “no shoes no service” policy count if you’re in a wheelchair? I’d love to go barefoot all summer!