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I had a doctors appointment last week, and instead of being intelligent and getting a ride from someone, I was stubborn and tried to go on my own.

Not only is my doctor’s office on the other side of town, I had to leave an hour earlier than scheduled in case I missed any of the four buses I had to take. 

So, it’s time to leave, and I check the weather. It’s supposed to be something nice like -2 Celsius. I’m like, “Oh I won’t need a hat, it’s sunny and warm out!” Little did I realize that it was absurdly windy and the wind chill was -15 and freezing rain was forecasted. 

It wasn’t too too bad until I got to the station for my last bus. I missed it by two minutes and the stop is located on an overpass. There is a shelter, but it has no doors, (the people who work for the city bus company aren’t too bright) so the wind whips through the shelter like crazy and it was so cold! 

So I had to wait half an hour for my bus in the super windy shelter. Since I have CRPS my right foot is extremely sensitive to temperature, especially the cold. The cold feels like razors in every single nerve being lit on fire. Since it has spread up my calf to my knee, my entire lower leg hurt like crazy! So I got creative.

I was wearing this massive universal scarf, like a foot and a half wide and two and a half feet long. It’s knitted with fluffy yarn and these fluffy ball things making it super soft and warm when wrapped around your face. I ended up using it as a blanket. I’m pretty sure I looked a little strange, but it was slightly warmer so I was happy. 

I’ll admit I’m not used to wintering in a wheelchair or with CRPS. I’ve done some stupid things this winter, and I’ve learned important lessons. Like don’t roll through dog poop, and if there’s no leaves on the trees then spring isn’t here yet. Also not to wear ventilated sneakers. And pack a damn blanket if it’s too windy, I don’t care if I look stupid, that’s happening from now on! I have this lovely blanket I’ve had since I was a baby, it’s got a goose wearing a bonnet but I don’t care! No more freezing in the cold for me!