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I have always had issues with my body image and weight. Probably since I was twelve. So for half of my life I have hated how I looked, but have been unable to take action in a solid way to manage my weight and be happy. 

First things first, I know the basic science behind weight loss and gain, the psychological effect of stress eating, and why I have problems overeating. Science says if you eat more than you use, you will gain weight. Eating when upset or bored is a terrible idea, and I have issues overeating because I lack a true hunger reflex so I eat out of boredom and never feel full. 

I can and have eaten until I’ve thrown up. It was terrible and made me feel horrible. But even then I couldn’t convince myself to limit my food intake or exercise more often. But I may have finally found something that motivates me.

I’ve never believed in calorie counting. People do it wrong, wind up in starvation mode, and pack on the pounds. People seem to think that by cutting your caloric intake in half or less that you will magically drop weight with few side effects. WRONG. I don’t care who challenges me on this, that is not how calorie counting is supposed to be done.

The human body is a fickle thing. Eat too much and you gain weight, eat too little and you’ll gain weight and feel like crap. There is no magic diet that works for everyone other than a solid lifestyle change of conscious eating and balanced exercise and sleep. 

By eating too little, your body thinks you’re​ starving and will hold onto fats longer to preserve energy. So when calorie counting, if you don’t take this into consideration, you’ll wind up exhausted, cranky, and hungry while gaining weight. 


If you decrease your calories slightly, logically you would lose weight without the horrible side effects of starvation. So instead of consuming 2000 calories, get about 1700 and theoretically you will SLOWLY and safely lose weight. 

This isn’t meant to be a diet guide, I’m not trying to tell people how to live, but by eating the right foods and exercising several times a week you will safely lose weight. High fiber and high protein foods take more energy to digest than processed foods. So by eating a high fiber diet, you can feel full longer and burn more calories. 

I found an app that has a huge catalogue of brands and types of food and it has all the dietary information catalogued, I literally punch in the brand and name of the food and I can find it. It came up with a safe weight loss plan based on my activity level, weight, age and sex, and estimates that if I stay on track, I can be 54 pounds lighter in just one year. 

Of course if I exercise more I can adjust it in the app, so it will bump up my recommended caloric intake to even out. I don’t want to lose weight quickly just to put it back on. I want to learn ways to adjust my eating habits and train myself to eat on schedule so I’m not snacking all day. I finally have a tool to make a safe lifestyle change that I can follow and challenge myself with.

I’m set to lose weight, be more active, and remain positive, all with one little boost from a helpful developer. My goal weight is realistic, my starting weight is terrible, but I can do it. Even being unable to use one leg and having more bad days than good I finally feel like I can take control of my life and smack some sense into my stomach.