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So I’ve recently started walking again! I don’t have anything fancy like an AFO (ankle foot orthosis iirc) but I have a majestic aircast walking boot I borrowed from a friend! 

Now let me put this monumentous achievement into perspective. I have not been able to walk unaided since December of 2015. I have been using a walker or cane for all outings and now I use my wheelchair to go long distances. I can hobble around my house but it is painful and slow and I do it out of sheer stubborn pride after being told to use the chair in the house. 

I like my wheelchair, but I can’t relax in it. I can’t go for a relaxing stroll to the park, or take a brief powerwalk to help control my weight. My chair is built for indoor and brief usage outdoors. I can’t take it down the sidewalk. My chair is is great in malls, stores, and around the house on the worst days, but outside it plain sucks.

Bt this walking boot is incredible. I can do laundry in it, go down to the gym in my building with it. Take a walk, walk my dog, heck I can even jog a bit because my ankle can’t turn inwards and trip me! I can even walk up and down the stairs!

My stamina for walking is still garbage, I can go about twenty minutes before feeling like I’m dying. Using the boot seems to confuse the mixed up signals in my foot though, because when I take it off my foot is loose and moveable. For all of three minutes before that one tendon locks up again. But hey, progress! Now I have more to tell my neurologist after I get my MRI done. (Although who the heck knows when that’ll happen)